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Why We Invest In Individual Stocks

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It’s cheaper than ever to build a personalized portfolio. Long gone are the days when financial products like funds are an absolute necessity to gain affordable access to markets. Why not take maximum advantage of the world’s most efficient money-making machine (the stock market) at a historically low cost of entry?

To that end, here are the reasons why Concinnus Financial invests in individual stocks for itself and its investors.

  1. Seeing “Apple” on a quarterly statement is more meaningful than “XYZ Large-Cap Growth Fund.”. Having skin in the game is important in investing. And it’s easier to have skin in the game when you know exactly what you own.

2. We believe in the power of good business. Good businesses thrive no matter what the economic, social, or political climate is. They find ways to surmount challenges, and discover new opportunities to grow.

3. Not all companies are worth owning. “Diworsification” is a real thing. Diluting your ownership of a high-quality investment, with a stake in a mediocre or worse investment -- for the sake of “diversifying” -- just doesn’t make sense. Diversification is important, but what types of risk and when to take them is an often overlooked part of money management. If the investment is worth owning, own it. If not, skip it.

4. Wherever someone has stopped to dig a moat, an army is nearby figuring out how to cross it. Many money managers will peg themselves as only “value” or “growth” investors, but stubbornly sticking to a style amounts to betting the farm on either the Roman Empire or Attila the Hun. Truth be told, there are advantages to both -- and there are good companies and bad companies that can be categorized as either “value” or “growth.” Invest in the best of both worlds.

5. We live in a fast-changing world marked by upheaval of the status quo. Whether you are just getting started or are retired and living off your savings, we believe your investments should reflect the times. Don’t get us wrong, all investing should be long- term in nature. We are not frequent traders of accounts. But a large class of new tech- forward businesses are reshaping the economy. It would be foolish to ignore them.

If you are ready to start building ownership in individual companies, we are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation.


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