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About Concinnus Financial

Concinnus Financial, Inc. is a fee-only investment advisor. We provide investment management and financial planning services for individuals, families, and small businesses. Using a wide range of strategies and services customized to your goals and current financial situation, we strive to help you implement a plan to get you where you’d like to be and to stay on track along the way.

We believe in full transparency. You deserve to know what your money is invested in, why it is invested there, and the costs involved to do so. Our typical client expects a simplification of the investment process and of their financial situation as a whole, and receives proactive and actionable updates from their investment advisor.


We understand that you have hopes and dreams, and that your financial assets are the means to help you achieve them. Find out why working with Concinnus Financial is different. Schedule a time to tell us about what’s on your mind.

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