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At Concinnus Financial, we believe in ownership of individual companies — not simply investing in a fund, a group of funds, or the economy overall. Such strategies often remove one of the most powerful parts of investing: The ability to participate in a superior company’s growth, and the ability to control ownership of your investments so that they align with your goals and principles.


Times are changing

We live in disruptive times. Technology is creating upheaval in old industries and re-shaping the future. The old ways of managing wealth, business, and portfolios, doesn’t work the way it used to. We craft individual portfolios based on the future, and custom curate investments based on long-term industry growth themes like cloud computing, 5G wireless, and AI. New investor values centered on vehicle electrification, renewable energy, or social concerns like no tobacco or stakeholder capitalism are also powerful forces shaping the market and the economy. 


Custom portfolio using AI

Whatever the need — be it goals-, investment theme-, or values-based — we can help craft a portfolio using our experience, research, and artificial intelligence powered by Noonum. Let us help you put the power of business ownership back in your hands.

If you are a DIY investor, and want assistance building out a portfolio, click here.

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