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DIY Investment Portfolios

Stock Market Data

Investment Portfolios for the DIY Investor


We get it, taking full control of your financial future is rewarding and empowering. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever before to find the resources you need to plan for your goals and make the necessary investment decisions to get you there.


But the internet is awash in information, provided by a myriad of sources with unknown motive and questionable reliability. Deciding which data to base investment decisions on can thus be a challenge. Concinnus Financial can help combat the problem.


We supplement our clients’ investment portfolio decisions using Noonum's artificial intelligence platform. The same AI can put together a sample portfolio for DIY investors, too. Sample stock portfolios can be centered on themes like AI, e-commerce, the space economy, technology, healthcare, and solar energy, a combination of themes, or some other custom metric.


How it works


We collect some information from you: Your goals, the amount of money you’re putting to work, penchant for market volatility, and desired exposure to industries or investment themes.


Tell us if you want any investment limitations (only U.S. stocks, any specific company exclusions, exclusion of companies of a certain size, etc.).

We deliver the list of individual companies, and the number of shares to purchase in your personal account.


What we can offer


  • Individual stock research reports: Starting at $100

  • Industry or investment theme sample portfolios: Starting at $100

  • Total sample portfolio construction: Starting at $200

  • Financial plans: Starting at $250

Contact us to get a custom portfolio started for you.

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